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massage therapist in Mt Shasta, CA

massage therapist in Mt Shasta, CA

massage therapist in Mt Shasta, CA

massage therapist in Mt Shasta, CA

massage therapist in Mt Shasta, CA


The Benefits of Massage

When massage therapy is received on a regular basis the benefits include:

  • promotes relaxation and well being

  • improves circulation / aids immune system

  • assists in pain management

  • restores mobility to restricted muscles

  • increases body / mind connection

  • Types of massage therapy available:

    Deep Tissue Therapy
    Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is used to release tension, eliminate painful areas and re-align scar tissue. It can also rehabilitate injuries in ligaments, tendons and muscles

    Hot Stone Therapy
    Incorporates the use of smooth heated stones to promote relaxation and a deep sense of muscle relief.

    Myofascial Release Therapy
    Addresses the 3-dimensional web of connective tissue throughout the body. Restores fluidity and increases range of motion.

    Chi Nei Tsang
    Integrated internal organ massage uses gentle manipulations of the abdomen to cleanse, detoxify and strengthen the internal organs. This is beneficial for anyone looking to improve their overall energy level.

    Aroma Therapy
    The utilization of essential plant oils during massage to create physiological changes in the body including anxiety, insomnia, PMS and depression.




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    About Melody Perdikis, L.M.T...

    is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has developed a unique style of therapeutic massage that enables her to transition with the individual needs of each client.

    She creates a safe and relaxing atmosphere to renew and lift your spirits.

    Melody's intuitive body work techniques range from gentle, soothing touch to a slow deep tissue release used to relieve chronic pain and tension.

    Body, mind and spirit play an integral part in the healing process and Melody's awareness of this shows throughout her work. Melody has been involved in the healing arts for the past 20 years. She continues to expand her knowledge of bodywork by attending courses in various therapies.

    1996 Graduate of Ashland Institute of Massage
    Ashland, Oregon

    Nationally Certified through NCBTMB

    Further Education

  • 2006 ~ Radiant Circuit Illumination ~ Ashland, OR

  • 2004 ~ Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation ~ Eugene, OR

  • 2003 ~ Chi Nei Tsang ~ Ashland, OR

  • 2001~ Myofascial Release ~ Redding, CA

  • 1999 ~ Tips & Techniques for Headaches, TMJ and
    Cervical Dysfunction ~ Redding, CA

    Phone... (435) 531-1671

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    massage by melody
    Melody is in the Torrey, Utah area




    benefits of massage Meet Melody Fees & Services Testimonials    

    Fees & Services

    All prices and services are subject to change

    On Site Visits
    Additional charges per session applies

    Gift Certificates Available

    Cancellation policy:
    24 hour notice required or a 50% charge will occur

    massage by melody

    Melody is in the Torrey, Utah.

    Benefits of massage Meet Melody Fees & Services    


    "Melody creates a unique mix of hot stone massage and body work with blended oils that reveal connections between body and mind. You feel as if you are flowing back to the source of inner calm."
    Elisabeth Montgomery ~ Cross Cultural Sociologist ~ Berkeley, CA

    "While Melody can call herself a massage therapist, I would consider her an intuitive healer. Her hands ferret out the misalignment, work through the resistance and allow the muscles to re-align themselves effortlessly. My partner Otto and I have had similar experiences under her knowing hands. Melody's true talent lies in balancing the physical body."
    Jessie Zapffe ~ Business Owner ~ Mt Shasta , CA

    "Extraordinary ability to locate the areas needing most attention. The hot stones are a nice touch. It is always a wonderful experience."
    Dr. Eugene Tsui ~ Architect

    "Melody adapts her therapy, not only to what you request, but somehow to who you are. Her gentle free spirit, combined with excellent knowledge of body structure and massage techniques make a session with Melody a pleasure."
    Regi Wood-Glass ~ RN ~ Mt Shasta, CA

    "Massage with Melody is a multidimensional healing and nurturing
    experience.  Using her highly developed understanding of the physical body, a wide range of massage techniques, and a refined intuitive sense, she quickly zeroes in on areas that need special attention to create an exceptionally personalized self-care experience for body,mind AND spirit."    
    Allison Arneill ~ Mt. Shasta, CA



    Benefits of massage Meet Melody Fees & Services    

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    Meet Melody Fees & Services Testimonials